CD 1: Going To War Again

1. War starts in Korea [War starts….]
2. Lightnin’ Hopkins: War News Blues
3. Sunshine Boys Quartet: God Please Protect America
4. Wally Fowler and His Oakridge Quartet: Pray, Pray Pray (For The U.S.A.)
5. President Truman speaks on war in Korea
6. Hank Harral and His Palamino Cowhands: When They Raised The U.N. Flag In South Korea
7. The Four Barons: Got To Go Back Again
8. Sunnyland Slim and His Trio: Back To Korea Blues
9. Harry Choates and His Fiddle: Korea, Here We Come
10. Vince Mondi: Goodbye – Maria (‘I’m Off To Korea’)
11. Paul Mims: My New Career Is In Korea
12. Vance Brothers: Draftboard Blues
13. Ray Anderson and Tennessee Mountaineers: Draft Board Blues
14. Arkie Shibley and His Mountain Dew Boys: Uncle Sam Has Called My Number
15. Smilin’ Eddie Vernado and the Delta Ranch Hands: I’m A Soldier Boy Again
16. Harvey Stone: Here We Go Again
17. Fats Domino: Korea Blues
18. Clifford Blivens with the Johnny Otis Band: Korea Blues
19. Willie Brown: Korea Blues
20. Max Bailey: Sorry Girl Blues
21. B.B. King: Questionnaire Blues
22. John Lee Hooker (Johnny Williams): Questionnaire Blues
23. Sonny Thompson: Uncle Sam Blues
24. Lloyd Price and His Orchestra: Mailman Blues
25. Big Boy Crudup: Mr. So And So
26. Tani Allen and His Tennessee Pals: I’m Back In The Army
27. Cactus Pryor and His Pricklypears: (In Again, Out Again) Packing Up My Barracks Bags Blues
28. Montana Slim (Wilf Carter, The Singing Cowboy): The K.P. Blues
29. Bob Newman: Greetings
30. Vic Damone: Message From Vic Damone
31. The Rockets and Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra: The Girls Are Marching


CD 2: In Korea

1. Armada to Korea
2. The Gospel Pilgrims: Korea (Fightin’ In The Foreign Land)
3. Bill Cason: Foxhole In Korea
4. Steve Rogers: Inchon
5. Sonny Osborne: A Brother In Korea
6. John Carpino: The Ballad Of Chosin
7. Oscar Brand & Short Arms: We’re Moving On
8. Jimmie Osborne: Thank God For Victory In Korea
9. Robert Pierpoint Under fire in Korea
10. Delmore Brothers: Heartbreak Ridge
11. Ernest Tubb: A Heartsick Soldier On Heartbreak Ridge
12. The Four Lads with Narration by Edward R. Murrow: Where The Need Is
13. Elton Britt: Korean Mud
14. Howdy Doody: Request for blood donations
15. Sherman ‘Blues’ Johnson & His Clouds of Joy: Lost In Korea
16. The Louvin Brothers: From Mother’s Arms To Korea
17. Jack Powers: From A Foxhole
18. William Cook Accompanied by The Marshall Brothers: A Soldier’s Prayer
19. Rocky Porter: Please Say A Prayer (For The Boys Over There)
20. Slim Rhodes: Red White And Blue
21. J.B. Lenoir: I’m In Korea
22. Lightnin’ Hopkins: Sad News From Korea
23. Elton Britt: Rotation Blues
24. Billy Mize: Pusan
25. Tommy (Weepin’ and Cryin’) Brown: No News From Home
26. Carl Sauceman and The Green Valley Boys: Wrap My Body In Old Glory
27. Jim Eanes: A Prisoner Of War
28. Kay Kellum and His Dixie Ramblers: When I Get Back
29. The Kalvin Brothers: Somewhere In Korea


CD 3: On The Homefront

1. A GI Writes to His Kids – a Posthumous Letter
2. Tiny Hill: Two Letters
3. Red Foley: Dear Little Girls
4. Tex Ritter: Daddy’s Last Letter
5. Jackie Doll and His Pickled Peppers: When They Drop The Atomic Bomb
6. The Truman-MacArthur dispute that led the President to fire the General
7. R.D. Henden with The Western Jamboree Cowboys: Oh! Mr. President
8. General Of The Army Douglas MacArthur Reports To Congress
9. Gene Autry: Old Soldiers Never Die
10. Jimmie Short and the Silver Saddle Ranch Boys: (Old Generals Never Die) They Just Fade Away
11. Ray Snead: Fade Away Baby
12. Rep. James E. Van Zandt supports the use of the Atomic Bomb in Korea
13. ‘Skeets’ McDonald: Please Daddy, Don’t Go To War
14. George Simerly and His Tennesseans: Why Does The Army Need My Daddy
15. Cecil Gant: God Bless My Daddy
16. Oklahoma Sweethearts: Don’t Steal Daddy’s Medal
17. Jimmie Heap and The Melody Masters: God Is On Our Side
18. The Dixie Ramblers: I’ll Be Glad When It’s Over (Over There)
19. Roscoe Hankins: I’m Prayin’ For The Day (When Peace Will Come)
20. Edna McGriff: Heavenly Father
21. Gene Autry: At Mail Call Today
22. Jean Shepard with Recitation by Ferlin Husky: A Dear John Letter
23. Pete Lane and Bernice Stabile: John’s Reply
24. Jack Cardwell: Dear Joan
25. Jean Shepard with Recitation by Ferlin Husky: Forgive Me John
26. Emitt Slay Trio: Male Call
27. Hank Penny: A Letter From Home
28. The Promenade Band with Male Chorus: I Like Ike
29. ‘I shall go to Korea…’
30. ‘Little Maxie’: Drive Soldier Drive
31. Eddie Kirk: Five Star President


CD 4: Peace and Its Legacies

1. President Eisenhower announces an armistice in Korea…
2. Sister Rosetta Tharpe: There’s Peace In Korea
3. The Revelers: Ike
4. Jimmie Osborne: The Korean Story
5. Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup: The War Is Over
6. Lightning Hopkins: The War Is Over
7. Soldier Boy Houston: Leavin’ Korea
8. Jimmie Dale: Hello Maria
9. King Perry Orchestra with Vocal by Dell St. John: Welcome Home Baby
10. Rose Brown and Jimmie Harris with Bubbles and His Band: Back From Korea
11. Dave Bartholomew: No More Black Nights
12. Jimmy Witherspoon: Back Home
13. Margie Collie: His New War Bride
14. Harry Holt brings Korean war orphans to Portland, Oregon
15. Kwan Li: The Legend Of Harry Holt
16. Don Windle with Band: The Iron Curtain Has Parted
17. Ernest Tubb: Missing In Action
18. Smilin’ Jim Eanes and His Shenandoah Valley Boys: Returned From Missing In Action
19. Billy Strange: I’m Still A Prisoner
20. Merle Travis: Re-Enlistment Blues
21. Red River Dave: The Red Deck Of Cards
22. Eddie Hill: I’ve Changed My Mind (And I’ll Go Home Again)
23. Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys: Purple Heart
24. Don ‘Red’ Barry: White Cross In Korea
25. Marvin Rainwater: Korea’s Mountain Northland
26. Carl Sauceman with the Green Valley Boys: A White Cross Marks The Grave
27. Elton Britt: The Unknown Soldier
28. Red River Dave: Searching For You, Buddy
29. Don Reno, Red Smiley and the Tennessee Cutups: Forgotten Men
30. Dick Curless: China Nights (Shina No Yuro)


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